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So I finally got to chat with my Mom and Brother in Arizona on iChat last night.  We both have web cameras so we got to see each other.  I think this will be one of the greatest payoffs of owning my MacBook.  Since my brother converted my Mom to Apple, we've talked about iChatting with a camera.  Now she can see and talk to her grandkids in the closest thing to a video phone that I have yet seen.

We both have high speed connections and the image was very nice.  We didn't even use a headset or external mic.  It sure made the distance between us melt away.  That's good technology in action.  Of course we didn't need Macs to do this, you can do it in Windows and in Linux.  I reccomend that if you can get your extended family to participate that you do so on whichever platform you use.  

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