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Convention over Configuration

Who’s motto is, “I did it my way”?

Answer: Not a Ruby on Rails Programmer.

RoR programmers are not maverick types, in it for fortune and glory and refusing to conform. They are disciplined and compliant types who know that to get things done quickly and effeciently often means that you can’t be a rebel coder.

You have to do things the Ruby Way and trust that things will work out in the end. This kind of trust in your language and framework does not come easy. With RoR, you must conform or please step asside, before you are run over by those who have accepted the rules and are speedily putting out quality web sites.

I learned this the hard way. What other way do I know? I tried to create a simple database driven demo without creating the requisite three databases – _dev, _test and _production. Big mistake. Just do it by the book and you won’t have any issues. Trust thy Rails and know thy Ruby.

I bow to the Rubiests and vow to pay closer attention.

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