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Ruby is my Matz’r Now!

I love Ruby! This little known gem from Japan is fast becoming the most interesting language I have ever used. It’s more Object Oriented than Python and it’s as expressive as Perl without the ambiguity. It’s hands down the most Programmer Friendly language to emerge in the past ten years. At least for me. :)

I will not even consider using anything but Ruby on Rails for web design from now on. Nothing is faster or as fun to code as Rails. It’s got me considering a redesign of my web site from scratch, just to play with Rails! If you have not tried Ruby or even Ruby on Rails, you owe it to yourself to give it a hard look over. It’s not for everyone. It you get off on reinventing the wheel every time you design a web site, then stick to Perl, PHP, C# or Java. But if you want to knock out the details in no time and just get to the fun stuff, Ruby is for you.

Stay tuned for more insights as I delve deeper into the Ruby Way.

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