The Road Ahead

Below is a list of novels and novellas that I’ll be writing for the next oh, say twenty years or so. Yeah, I’m that crazy. It’s important to plan ahead, but maybe I take that a bit too far. ;-) Books in bold are written or in progress. This list will probably change over time.

I will be pushing to finish the First Generation novels in the next two years. After that, I’ll probably take a rest from the Star Saga and do something else. Either the second Joshua Jones Mystery or perhaps a vampire novel. Eventually I’ll plow back into the Star Saga and stick with it until the Second Generation novels are complete.



1. Tales From Ocherva, Volume 1 – Anthology (Devon’s Ranger days and Silicants)
2. Starforgers, Book 1
3. Into the Black – novella (Devon’s starfighter squadron)
4. The Rising, Book 2
5. The Blood Empress – novella (Empress Nykostra’s story)
6. Counterattack, Book 3
Estimated Finished: 2015

7. Trader Tales, Volume 1 – Anthology (Short stories featuring Rouse and others.)
8. Starstrikers, Book 4
9. Runner Blues – novella (Rouse is recruited by the Starstrikers for a mission.)
10. XiniX, Book 5
11. ?
12. NexGen, Book 6
Estimated Time to Finish: 5 years

13. Tall Tales – Anthology (Short stories about or told by Ancestors.)
14. Starveyors – Book 7
15. Tyrmia – novel (What ever happened to the S.S. Bourke?)
16. Tripartite – Book 8
17. Voton – novel (Ancestors share a history lesson.)
18. Ancestors – Book 9
Estimated Time to Finish: 5 years
Other Universes/Genres

Betweos – Military SF
Nor Alien I – SF (ET in reverse – A human stranded on an alien word.)
Valone – Vampire novel (Based on a screenplay already written.)
Joshua Jones Mysteries

Null Pointer, Kill Dash Nine, Seg Fault, Return False, SIGKILL,  Batch Kill