Atom’s Back

I finally had a moment to investigate why Atom was refusing to let me type on the pages of my current WIP. It turns out that it must of been some kind of bug in the file system reader. I opened a different folder and then closed Atom and reopened it. Then I opened the novel folders and suddenly things were back to normal. Strange. I suppose it had something to do with using Dropbox folders and the fact that I rarely close programs. So my new SOP is to close Atom after I finish a writing sprint.

While Atom was down, I used Bluefish HTML editor to write Corvette. But that was only for a few sprints. Happy to report no problems using Bluefish or reading the newly created files with a working Atom editor. So for today’s lunchtime sprint, I’m back in the saddle again and raring to write. Below is a screenshot from the Bluefish webpage. Still one of the best HTML editors on Linux.


Writing in Atom


I’ve switched to yet another writing program for this novella. Now I’m using Atom, the programmer’s editor from the creators of GitHub. Basically, I’m a nerd and I love using programming tools to write my fiction. While this editor was not designed to write prose, it handles that task pretty good. I like how all my files are arranged in the tree to the left and it lets me view them as a web page with included images for the character descriptions. When I’m done with my draft I can export every scene into clean HTML files which can then be cut and pasted into Sigil for ebook creation.

The only hard part is going to be stitching them all up into one file. I may avoid that step by doing my editing in Sigil. Stay tuned to find out if I figure that bit out or not.