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Short Stories

Here you will find free short stories set in the Star Saga universe and stand alone stories in different genres.


Starforgers Era

“The Value of a Book” – Senator Constantine discusses books and freedom with her Silicant aide, Sumi-ness.

A Promising Alliance” – The beginning of a beautiful relationship, when Admiral Ganner met Senator Constantine.

Starstrikers Era

The Renoke” – A man gets more than he bargained for when he purchases a used starship.

Starveyers Era

Tyrmia – The first three chapters of the novel.

Other Stories

“Return to Greatness” – A retired old SF writer finds happiness with the characters of his beloved old stories.

“The New Vampires” –  A vampire tale set in the near future Japan.

“Twittering From Mars” – A short piece from the point of view of a Mars Rover.

“Lunatic” – A man is forced to live on the dark side of the moon because of his natural ability to sense radio waves as an annoying migraine headache. It was a quiet, solitary life until his base is destroyed by a meteor and he must make his way to the light side in order to survive. Trouble is, the light side is full of radio waves and the closer he gets to help, the more painful the RF noise.