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My Next Novel

Being an Indie novelist I usually don’t hold many secrets about the stories I write. It seems counter to the cause, which is to get known. If you never talk about your work, nobody will ever know about it or you. So I often prattle on about my works in progress and build models of the ships in my stories and share them here and there and everywhere. But for my next novel, I’m going black with it. You’ll likely get progress reports, but probably not any screenshots of my writing program. You’ll know when I finish drafts and when I finish edits but then you might not hear about it anymore for long stretches of time. In that time though, I’ll be writing other stories and talking all about them.

My next novel is a stand alone, Science Fiction story that I’m just not going to say much about. It’s got a killer premise and theme and it will be the most layered story I’ve ever written. The idea for this one came from my brother nearly thirty years ago. We’ve been collaborating on it ever since in private conversations. I’ve written a few chapters of it over the years and I’ve even written it as a screenplay. But the story is very complex and unique so I’ve never felt confident enough as a writer to be able to pull it off. Until now.

The only thing I’m willing to say about this project at this point is the title (below) and that I’ll be sending the finished manuscript to traditional publishers until every last one of them says no to it. So if after a few years from finishing it they all reject it, then I’ll put it out there myself, but I want to give them a chance to see it first because I think its the kind of story that Traditional Publishing is asking for and would do well by.