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Military Challenge Coins

If you’ve read my novel Starstrikers, or have served in the military, you are no-doubt familiar with unit coins. The unit you are assigned to usually has a coin decorated with the unit symbol. Members carry the coin on them at all times. You never know when someone will take out their coin and challenge those around them. You’re supposed to take out your coin or risk buying the challenger a drink. Of course if you drop your coin on the floor in taking it out, you owe the room a round because you disrespected the unit.

Anyway, bringing this up again because my Civil Air Patrol squadron now has unit coins available to members. Sometimes the commander gives them out to folks who have helped out the squadron in some civic minded fashion. I know the Governor of Idaho has one. Below are some pictures of the Boise Composite Squadron’s unit coin. It’s a bit larger than the AMMO coin I carried in the Air Force.