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I’ve been adding new build pages for several of the models I built over the past year. I’m just about caught up. So if you enjoy looking at the behind the scenes images of each model being built you’ve now got a few more pages to study. My latest build is the Renoke, a Millennium Falcon type freighter from my short story – The Renoke. It will be staring in book five of the Star Saga, so that’s the reason I’m building it. All of these models are designed and built to be photographed for my book covers.

We’re coming up on the furnace that is the Idaho summer, so my modeling will begin to taper off until fall. I expect to finish the Renoke model later this year. That’s when I’ll probably start the next cover models for book six. In the mean time, I’ll be writing the actual books.

The current theme looks great in a browser, but looks fugly on a phone. At some point I will have to change it again for a theme that handles smaller formatted devices. In the meantime, I’m not messing with it much anymore.