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Theme Change And Publishing Update

Quite on a lark I changed the theme on this website yesterday. I’m still moving in, finding the best wall to hang my photos and pushing the couch around to see where best to view the TV. So if things are wonky here for a couple of days, that’s what I’m doing. Moving in. Fiddling with the furniture.

Work continues on the edits for Book 3, Counterattack. I’m about six chapters into it right now. Kudos to my Editor, Bill Blohm for making my clunky prose look good. Book 2, The Rising is in the hands of my new Copy Editor. And last but not least, new model images are awaiting my cover artist for both books. So things are moving forward at a decent rate now. My goal is to get four books published this year so I can get back to writing again next year.

I’ve decided to wait until this first  trilogy of the Star Saga is complete before releasing the rest of the books. This results in a longer initial wait time, but then, I don’t have too many readers waiting with bated breath right now. After these books drop, the clock will begin to tick on middle trilogy.

The above picture is the Renoke model on the workbench.

Thanks for dropping by and checking out my site!