Trogen Starfighter Build, Part 1

The last Alliance starfighter I will build from the Starforgers Era of the Star Saga is the Turgan Trogen. This is one of my oldest drawn starfighters. It was first realized by my good friend Ed Halbig in 1978. Back then, we called it a Trojan fighter. I later changed the name after learning what a condom was. Did I mention we were in Middle School back then?

I drew this damaged Trogen in a colorful marker drawing, also circa 1978. I think I was depicting a spaceship smash 'em up derby or something. 

 Below is a whimsical drawing by Ed showing the Trogen in a duel with a Votainion starfighter. 

We built cardboard models of the Trogen out of toilet paper tube rolls and egg cartons. True story. I wish I still had those old models. Back when we were kids, we built all our models from poster board and white glue. It was cheap and very malleable. 

The Trogen was last updated by myself about a decade ago in a mixed acrylic and colored pencil painting featured below.

 This is the version I will attempt to build in 1/32 scale plastic.

I started this time with a 3 inch length of PVC pipe for the fuselage and a liquid laundry detergent cap for the engine exhaust. Once I had these key pieces, I knew I could work out the details needed to complete the model. I then started working on the main wing and the cockpit. 


The one and only mount point for this model is this 1/4 20 screw hole that I pounded into a drilled out hole in the PVC. I have not worked out a decent mount point from the stern yet, so will likely just use this one.


Next I started to build up the cockpit section. It's built much like a real airplane. 

I ordered an F-4 pilot in 1/32 scale to fly this tin can. 

The cockpit bracing I built for the Swift, is used again to great affect. 



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