All that remained to do on this model was paint and then weather it. The paint was chosen for the planet where it was first stationed, Kew, a mostly water world where both Alliance and Empire starfighters were painted shades of gray to blend in with clouds and ocean. 

 I went with an old P-40 style camouflage from the WWII era. Instead of green finger tips on the wings I went with dark dray. 

 The canopy was sprayed on flat white primer, the rest of the paint was acrylic. 

 Weathering was accomplished with artist's oils and pastels and a few charcoal pencils.  

 Here is the dirty side. nothing was done to hide the mount hole. Future photo shoots would dictate whether I bothered to cover that. 

 This white nose cone will be the basis of the next generation of Votainion starfighters. 

The finished product in 1/32 scale. Next up will be a 1/32 scale KIV-3 in olive drab. 

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