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My Norwescon 35 Schedule

I’ll be attending Seattle’s Norwescon 35 this April.  You can see me on three panels there. I’m mostly free on Saturday, so if you see me hanging around, do introduce yourself!

Here’s my schedule for the panels I’m on:

Friday 7 pm Cascade 6
Changing Star Wars
Do creators have the right to change their work after it has been released into the wild? Why is “pulling a Lucas” so upsetting to so many people?
J.C. Gordon Granger (M), Ken McConnell, Amber Clark, Jack Skillingstead, David Nasset, Sr.

Sunday 10 am Evergreen 1&2
Should You Publish an E-Book First?
The publishing landscape is changing rapidly. Now anybody can e-publish a manuscript and even sell it on Amazon.  But just because you can, should you?
Leah Cutter (M), Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Matt Youngmark, Ken McConnell

Sunday 11am Evergreen 3&4
New Media DIY: Self Publishing
Webcomics, e-books, as well as physical media.  What are your options to get your ideas out there?
Julie Hoverson (M), C.A. Scott, Ken McConnell, David A. Page

Looks like a bunch of really fine folks talking about some interesting topics. I hope to see some readers and lots of fellow writers at this huge, regional convention. I might have a few paperback copies of Starforgers and Starstrikers – fingers crossed!