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Sci-Fi TV

Last night I watched the premier of Stephen Hawking’s Sci-Fi Masters series on the Science Channel. Is it just me, or has the best Sci-Fi on TV gone from the Scyfy Channel to the Science Channel? Before the show last night Sci Channel was playing Firefly episodes with teasers in between by Michio Kaku! How awesome is that?

Anyway, I enjoyed the show – A Clean Escape, based on the short story by John Kessel. The story had a strong Twilight Zone feel to it, but I enjoyed the performances by the two leads. I’ll tune in again to see how this series does with other classic short stories.

I don’t watch too many things on TV these days. I’d like to blame the poor quality of the shows, but the truth is, I wouldn’t know if they are bad or good. I just don’t have time to watch them. I spend what is normally prime time, being with my kids. Either I’m helping them with homework or ensuring that they are practicing their instrument or learning math facts. Most of the shows on TV now days are not kid oriented, so I’d have to time shift them and watch them after the kids go to bed. Lately, that’s just too close to my own bed time.

When it comes down to it, I chose being with my family and reading, over much of what is on TV. So you won’t find me commenting on the social networks about how cool the latest episode of whatever-hot-new-SFF-TV show was. Maybe when the kids are gone and I get my evenings back I can watch more TV. But then I’d probably rather read a good book or go to a baseball game, or go to my favorite bookstore, or take in a concert. You get the idea.