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Thoughts on Concluding a Trilogy

As I write the final book in the Star Trilogy, I’m having to finalize ideas that have been in my head for years. I think this book will be somewhat jarring for readers of this loose trilogy of books. But I’m not going to shrink from writing the kind of book that needs to be written to finish off the overall story arch.

The theme of Starveyors is Reconciliation. The story itself is in a way, reconciling all the plot points explored so far because this is the final book. I think the reader will be surprised at how things get wrapped up. I take some familiar tropes in the genre and give them my own spin.

Working the theme into each of the main character’s story arc is also something I’m trying to accomplish this time around. So far I think that is working quite nicely. It helps give the book a subtext that I find particularly satisfying. I hope the read does too.

If you have read the first two books of the series, you will have already met the hero of Starveyors. So right away the reader is drawn into this book perhaps quicker than the other two books. I also have several Silicant characters from the first book return, albeit slightly changed by time and technology.

I plan to write other books set in this universe to help fill in the gaps between these three books. So if you enjoyed the trilogy, you will also want to check them out. If you have read Starforgers, you will surely enjoy the short stories in Tales From Ocherva, Volume One. If you have read Starstrikers, there is a short story set in that time frame called The Renoke. To get a preview of the time period for Starveyors, you can read Tyrmia.