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Featured Inspirational Art, 9 Feb 2012

Proof that I have absolutely no shame, today’s picture is a washed out Kodachrome shot of myself at age 13 with several of my giant cardboard starship models.

These models were built from carpet roll tubes and store bought poster board. They were decorated with bits of model parts. Do you like that Luke Skywalker hair I was rocking in 1978? The flannel shirt was from the designer George Lucas collection. No, not really. You can’t see it very good but that is a digital watch on my left wrist. The kind you had to push a button to see the time in glowing LEDs. That bed spread? NFL teams, dude! Yeah, I had to knock the girls off me with a baseball bat. Good times.

Models from Left to Right: GCU Sokol, Sarco-T Tanker, GCU Chariot and GCU Constellation.