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New Low Price for Starstrikers

Today is the final day to get Starforgers, Book One of the Star Trilogy for free on Kindle. Unless you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you’re good for a few months. Today is also the first day that a new lower price for Starstrikers, Book Two of the Star Trilogy goes live. It’s now $2.99 on Kindle.

So if you got Starforgers for free and you loved it and are looking for the next installment, now you can get it for under three bucks. The price of a fancy coffee, as many suggest. If you get Starstrikers and finish that one up and still want more, I got you covered. You can get Tyrmia right now on Kindle for free or you can spend another day’s worth of coffee money and getTales From Ocherva, Volume One, my anthology set in the same universe as the other books.

That’s like getting half my back list for free and spending only six dollars for the rest of the back list. Pretty fair deal if you ask me.