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Featured Inspirational Art for, 19 Jan 2012

Today’s featured art is by yours truly.

It’s an evolutionary chart for the Votainion starfighters. It depicts the design changes for the Eight-Fighter (8-Wing), Two Piper and the Reemer variants. I really love this picture and I wish I were a better artist to do it proper justice.

Starfighter Evolution Chart

When I was in middle school, my buddies and I designed all the ships that would eventually be featured in my first SF novel – Starstrikers. Back then the story was called Galaxy Collision. As time passed, we thought our first attempts were kinda lame, so we redesigned them all. I kept all those old drawings. This chart shows how the original designs morphed into the later designs.

If you count the originals as being from the First Generation or Starforgers Era, and the later designs as being from the Second Generation or Starstrikers Era than you can clearly see how keeping the old designs made sense. Anyway, I just love this sort of thing and hope you guys appreciate the scope of these stories! ;-)